How to Submit Your Bank Details To NPC Portal

This is a notice to all approved applicants for the National Population Commission’s (NPC) 2023 population and housing census ad hoc staff recruitment.

It is very important that you submit your bank details to the NPC portal in order to receive your training stipends and NPC allowances. This article will give you all the instructions you need.

What You Need To Know About NPC

National Population Commission (NPC) is the principal data mining commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, responsible for collecting, collating, analyzing and publishing data about the Nigerian people (its population) and economy. The commission is under the supervision of the Office of the Presidency(Nigeria), and its head is appointed by the President of Nigeria.

The Commission is headed by a Chairman.. There are 37 Federal Commissioners who make up the policy-making body and are grouped into various Standing Committees. The Director-General is the administrative head of the Commission. Departments in the commission includes Cartography, Census, Finance & Accounts, Human Resources and Administration, ICT, Planning and Research, Population Studies, Public Affairs, Procurement, Vital Registration, and Legal and General Services.

The State offices are headed by the State Directors who are the administrative heads. Departments in the states are: Technical Unit, Vital Registration, Human Resource, and Management and Public Affairs.

Comptrollers are in charge of Local Government Area offices, and serve as liaison between the office, traditional institutions and the local government authorities. The Commission’s Secretariat, and Internal Audit are under the office of the Chairman.

How to submit your bank details on the NPC recruitment portal:

Access the NPC ad hoc staff recruitment portal.

Locate the “Check Application Status” button and click it.

Enter your NPC Application Code or NIN.

Click “PROCEED” and be patient for a few minutes. If your application status is approved, you’ll see a button labeled “Submit Bank Details.”

Click on the “Submit Bank Details” button.

Enter your correct Bank Account Number and select your bank.

That’s it. If you follow the instructions carefully, then you have successfully submitted your bank details to the NPC portal.

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