Secret of getting 2023 MIND scholarship programme for African

MINDS Scholarship program is Re gently open for all African students. It is an opportunity to bring change to continent of Africa. The MINDS scholarship, which is fully funded, focuses at attracting young leaders who are inspired and committed to facilitating the African Countries in better cooperation in achieving a successful and brighter future.

Students from all over the continent are invited to study in a foreign country free of cost and learn about the diversity of cultures in Africa. For this purpose, the students are given the chance to interact with native communities which is imperative to acquire knowledge about the richness of their norms.


The Mandela Institute for Development Studies (MINDS) is an Africa-wide think tank which provides a forum for dialogue, information dissemination, networking and research on the different elements of Africa. The institutions aims to shape policy and practice on governance, economic development and the evolution of African institutions. It seeks to address the short, medium, and long-term development challenges in Africa in a holistic and comprehensive manner. MINDS is a non-governmental organisation and is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

MINDS was established in 2010 by former Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the African Development Bank, Dr Nkosana Moyo.

About The Scholarship

The MINDS Scholarship Programme for Leadership Development in Africa was launched in 2017, it brings to accomplishment the vision of developing young leaders who have a continent-wide development mindset and leaders who can facilitate greater cooperation between African countries.

The Scholarship Programme enables African students to study in an African country other than their home country and in this way immerse themselves in richness and diversity that the country and its communities has to offer. By broadening access to education, we see the expansion of openness to ideas and the creation of a network of like-minded leaders who will help promote the performance and tangible progress of our continent. There is no doubt that a more integrated African economy of global scale will accelerate growth, generate positive outcomes and benefit all its communities.

Benefits of Mandela Scholarship 2022-23:

Fully funded tuition.

Provision of accommodation and meals.

One return ticket per duration of studies will be provided.

A fixed stipend will be provided to the students depending upon their needs. The fixed stipend will varies.

How to Apply for the MIND Scholarship

The Application must be online.

Applicants must ensure to have a formal acceptance letter from the universities that are on the list of MINDS, only then you can apply for this MNDS scholarship.

Upload the scanned copies of all the relevant documents.

Make sure to upload the scanned documents in PDF format.

Make sure that each attachment should not exceed 2MB in size.

For more information, and to apply now, click the link below;

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