Beyond The Net Small Grant Program

The Internet Society Foundation’s Beyond the Net Small Grant Program offers funding to support Internet Society Chapters to implement short-term projects with a goal of providing learning and engagement opportunities as well as strengthening the Chapters’ relationships, partnerships, and presence in their surrounding communities.

Program Objectives
Strengthen the impact of the Internet Society and the Internet Society Foundation’s mission and global initiatives with complementary local activities
Develop new and strengthen existing relationships and partnerships at the local level
Vet new ideas and innovations before proposing to scale up through a Beyond the Net Large grant
Focus Areas
Typical projects are small and short-term in nature, such as events and workshops, trainings and webinars, research initiatives, or testing/piloting an idea for a future Beyond the Net Large project. All proposed activities should help promote an open, globally-connected, secure, and trustworthy Internet for all that positively impacts humanity. Chapters may submit applications that address Internet needs specific to their communities.

Beyond the Net Small grants are available to the Internet Society Chapters who meet the following criteria:

Are in good standing (or pre-rejuvenation – on a case-by-case basis) and meet the minimum standards as outlined in the Chapter’s Charter.
Have an official bank account in their name (based on their legal registration) in order to receive Internet Society Foundation funds.
Are not undergoing a rejuvenation process.
Have submitted all required reports for other Internet Society Foundation-funded projects.
Chapters may manage a maximum of three active Beyond the Net grants at a time (up to two Small and one Large grant projects). Projects that have already been completed and reported on earlier in the year (or from prior years) are not counted in this calculation.

Proposed projects should be designed with the following parameters:

Applications must be submitted at least ten (10) weeks in advance of a proposed project. The Foundation requires sufficient time to review, conduct due diligence, make a determination, and complete administrative duties for processing grant requests. (Please note that applications received less than 10 weeks in advance will not be considered, and Foundation funding cannot be used for any expenses incurred prior to signing of the grant agreement).
Project must be completed during a one to nine (1-9) month period.
Chapter officers cannot receive salary or compensation for contribution to the project.
Travel expenses for Chapter officers are permissible for the execution of specific project activities with justification (include in budget).
Funds may be used to compensate chapter members or external contractors for their time and contributions to the project, including salaries, stipends, and honorariums. Chapters are encouraged to recruit experts from within their chapter member communities to carry out projects. All recruitment should be done in an open and transparent manner to ensure inclusiveness. Names and qualifications of paid staff should be included in grant applications and budgets.
Currency exchange rates should be shown in budgets. Please ensure that the most current exchange rate is used.
Applications that do not meet the eligibility requirements and project design parameters will be disqualified from receiving funding.

Applications will be reviewed by Internet Society Foundation against the following criteria:

The proposed project aligns with the overall objectives and priorities of the Beyond the Net program.
The proposed project is clear, realistic, and demonstrates need.
The proposed project helps the chapter develop new and/or strengthen existing relationships, partnerships, and presence in the surrounding community.
The project team has identified relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and established reasonable targets.
Grants of up to USD $5,000 will be awarded for projects lasting up to nine months.

How to Apply
Applications must be completed and submitted online through the Foundation’s Grants Management System, Fluxx. The Fluxx URL — — was uniquely created for the Internet Society’s Chapter Officer users. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis but will be reviewed quarterly.

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