Call for Humanity Grant and Mentorship; How To Get Involved

Call for Humanity Geant and Mentorship; How To Get Involved

Without external interventions, the cycle of poverty tends to perpetuate on multiple fronts. Families with limited or no assets become trapped in poverty and are faced with chronic food shortages, poor health, shocks of climate-induced changes, and social stigmas. Living in remote areas, they remain disconnected from many basic services like clean water and sanitation, healthcare, and market systems, all of which preserve, if not worsen, their socio-economic status.

Modeled after the tried-and-tested Graduation Approach (a globally recognized holistic solution to extreme-poverty), this asset-based micro-entrepreneurship program enables poor families to plot their path to sustainable livelihoods and socio-economic resilience.

How it Works
They provide families living in poverty with interest-free seed capital to buy an asset.
Their coaches provide extensive training and mentoring to micro-entrepreneurs for 12 months and monitor their progress for another 12 months. During this time the coaches also influence behavioral changes for improved quality of life.

After 12-months the micro-entrepreneurs generate enough income or resell their mature assets for profit to return the seed capital and become self-sufficient to buy and manage new assets.

Why it Works
Handing down is easy. Giving a hand up? Not so much. But they commit to the later because positive changes should be built to last.
Their approach works because they co-create each intervention, focus on entrepreneurial skills development, and ensure accountability.

Micro-Entrepreneurship Coches: Turning Ideas into Profitable Businesses

Their coaches are like start-up incubators, playing a vital role in helping micro-entrepreneurs turn ideas into profit-making ventures.

These full-time coaches provide extensive coaching and monitoring for 2 years, so that the micro-entrepreneurs can become efficient managers of their assets, apply improved business and financial decision-making skills, and confidently navigate through the challenges of their entrepreneurial journey.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving
Your donation put towards the seed capital for an asset is returned after 12 months by micro-entrepreneurs, which is then redirected to the next family in need of resources.

When you make a recurring gift you join a special, dedicated group — Call for Humanity’s FutureBuilder. With your monthly gift a family living in poverty can graduate from our 2-year micro-entrepreneurship program and be financially independent for life.


Give a gift that
keeps on giving.
The Poultry Farming project is a part of their micro-entrepreneurship program.
A group of select rural micro-entrepreneurs in Gaibandha, Bangladesh, will receive seed capital to start poultry farming. Coaches will conduct extensive training and mentoring to these entrepreneurs for 12 months and monitor their progress for another 12 months. During the first 12-months the coaches will:

Work directly with the entrepreneurs to ensure their investments are protected and managed well
Create access for these entrepreneurs to government and other non-governmental agencies for services like vaccination and veterinary treatment
Train the entrepreneurs on basic financial concepts such as assets and liabilities, profit/loss, savings and reinvestment planning to successfully run a business
Provide basic health and hygiene awareness especially related to COVID-19
Educate families on the importance of child education and the negative impacts of early marriage

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