How to score high in Jamb 2023/2024 Novel

JAMB is a Nigerian entrance examination board for tertiary-level institutions.
The board is responsible for conducting entrance exams, for candidates seeking admission into
Nigerian universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, and other tertiary institutions.

The exam is commonly known as the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and is
a pre-requisite for admission into any of the aforementioned institutions in Nigeria.
The UTME is a computer-based examination and is usually held in the month of March every

It is a crucial examination for candidates who wish to further their education in Nigeria and is
considered to be a stepping stone for many young Nigerians, especially students with much
academic pursuit.

The examination tests the candidate’s knowledge in English, Mathematics, and two other
subjects, which are specific to the candidate’s intended course of study.

In an effort to promote reading culture among young Nigerians and to encourage critical thinking
and comprehension, JAMB has introduced the JAMB Novel.

The JAMB Novel is a set reading text that is recommended by the board for candidates who will
be sitting for the UTME.
The novel is usually made available to the public a few months before the examination and is
intended to test the candidate’s reading comprehension skills.

The JAMB Novel is an integral part of the UTME examination and is usually incorporated into
the English Language section of the examination.
The candidate is expected to read the novel and answer questions based on the content of the
book during the UTME.

The questions are designed to test the candidate’s understanding and interpretation of the text,
as well as their ability to analyze and evaluate the content of the novel.
The JAMB Novel is carefully selected by JAMB to cater to the reading interests of a wide range
of candidates.
The board selects novels that are engaging and thought-provoking, with themes that are
relevant to contemporary issues in Nigeria basically.

This helps to create a level playing field for candidates who may have varying reading interests
and abilities.
In addition to promoting reading culture, the JAMB Novel also helps to prepare candidates for
the rigors of higher education.

Reading widely and critically is an important skill for success in higher education, and the JAMB
Novel provides candidates with an opportunity to develop these skills before they even begin
their tertiary education.

Furthermore, the JAMB Novel also helps to expose candidates to different writing styles and
perspectives, which can broaden their horizons and deepen their understanding of the world
around them.
This is especially important for candidates who come from rural or underprivileged backgrounds
and may not have had access to a diverse range of literature during their upbringing.

JAMB recommends the novel as part of its efforts to promote reading culture among young
Nigerians and to encourage candidates to read widely and critically.

In addition, JAMB also uses the novel as a means of testing the candidate’s ability to
understand and analyze a text, which is an important skill for success in higher education.

In conclusion, the JAMB Novel is an important part of the UTME examination and candidates
are encouraged to take the time to read and understand the text before the examination.
By doing so, they will be better prepared to answer questions related to the novel and
demonstrate their reading comprehension skills to the examiners.

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