How To Start A Career As a Blogger and Make a Lot of Money


I’m about to teach you how to start a career as a blogger. First, let’s define what a blog is.

A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informational diary-style texts entries (posts), as defined by Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia. Blog can also be a verb which can mean to post things on your blog.


There are several types of blogs and blog niches, there includes;Video Blog: This is a blog where you publish video contents. Also called vlog.Mp3 Blog: This is a blog where you post music and other audio contents.Art/Picture Blog: Here you publish art and picture contents.Lifestyle Blog: This is the type of blog where you post about several things such as; health, beauty, fashion, Finance etc.There are several other types of blogs. In fact, we have as many types of blogs as we have many things we do.

How To Start a Career as a Blogger

You want to start a career as a blogger? Know that you are becoming an entrepreneur. There is a neologism portmanteau derived from the words “information” and “entrepreneur” known as infopreneur. An infopreneur is an entrepreneur who identifies opportunities for creating enterprising information-based businesses by identifying knowledge deficiency situations and selling target-based information products and services, mainly through the internet. Infopreneurs before the advent of the internet sold in other mediums such as audio tapes, audio CD’s, videos, talk shows and conferences. A blogger as an entrepreneur can consider himself or herself being in the publishing business. Some bloggers create contents by themselves, while others copy articles from other sources such as Wikipedia. A blogger can make money from AdSense ads, affiliate links, referrals and leads, and/or selling of eBooks and also by selling online courses.


To create a blog using blogger, you need to visit the website, Blogger is owned by, so if you have a account you should login with your Gmail ID and password. If not, you should create an account. To create a Gmail account is as easy as creating a facebook account. Type in your name where there ask for a name, your address where it is asked, your password where it is asked and so on. There will ask you to provide a name you wish to use as your email address. If your name is James, you can type james, next to the james will be (e.g. If someone already has that address, there will ask you to try something else; there will even give you other suggestions that are available. You can pick from one and proceed. After creating a Gmail account, (if you don’t have one), you be automatically taken to and you will see boldly written on the website, CREATE A BLOG, click on it and you will be asked to sign in. Use you Gmail address and password and voila, you will be take to where all the magic will be done.The website doesn’t open only on PC; it can also open on android devices. But, to have a great experience with it on an android device you need to use Chrome browser. Creating a blog is simple, just like creating a social media account. You chose the name of the blog, e.g. James Blog. Then next you chose the blog url address, e.g. It just must have the because it’s free, blogger is hosting the blog for you, and with time you can buy a domain name and link it to your blogger account. You buy the domain name with services like But that is not we are considering for now. Just like your Gmail address, your url might not be available because somebody might already be using it. So, you have to keep searching until you get one that is available. You can change the url later. After that, you chose a perfect theme for your blog. This too can be changed later. All you have to do is click and click and when you get to the dashboard, you click new post, and you will be taken to where you will have to publish your first post to the world.

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