L’Oréal Green Sciences Incubator calls for game-changing solutions to join them. Through this invite, L’Oréal GSI will offer a unique opportunity for selected startups to collaborate with L’Oréal and reveal their potential.

L’ORÉAL GREEN SCIENCES INCUBATOR provides the perfect environment to support startups in their development.

Under the guidance of the L’Oréal Open Innovation team, the Green Sciences Incubator was developed to support L’Oréal For the Future Commitments.

They are looking for innovative solutions working on:

Biotechnology & Fermentation – culturing microorganisms (bacteria, yeast, microalgae, fungi) or cells (animal or plant) in bioreactors or controlled environments.
Sustainable cultivation – cultural practices and technologies that aim to manage water resources, respect biodiversity and soil quality, limit land occupancy footprint and carbon emissions while providing macroscopic organisms (plant, mushroom & algae) for innovation.
Green extraction & Physical processes – eco-respectful technology leading to a final ingredient without any (bio)chemical transformation of natural resources from plant, algae, mushrooms, μorganisms, cells or abundant minerals.
Green chemistry – design of chemical products and processes that reduce or eliminate the use/generation of hazardous substances.
L’Oréal Green Sciences incubator is particularly seeking for solutions addressing:

Key Raw Materials challenges: green and non-ecotoxic alternatives for cationic polymers / silicones, thickeners, solvents, UV filters, dyes ; sustainable and biodegradable polymers, proteins as functional materials….
Key cosmetic functions for skin and hair benefits: washing, caring, coloring and color control, repairing, optical effects, sensoriality, long lasting, water-resistance, shape control, skin protection and correction, adhesion, shine, resurfacing, waterless hygiene…
Innovative techniques: Synbio, microbial/enzymatic fermentations, cell culture, water/enzyme/microwave extraction, artificial photosynthesis, surfactant-free processes, water management, circularity.


To know more, and apply, click the link below;

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