The Bureau of International Security-Nonproliferation Grant

Applications for Improving Trade Controls through Port Management Practices are invited.

The purpose of this award organized by The Bureau of International Security-Nonproliferation is to address national security deficiencies in partner nations’ export controls, public procurement, financial controls, investment screening, and critical infrastructure protection measures, as well as build institutional capabilities in customs and border enforcement to prevent malign state actors from exploiting those weaknesses for their advantage.

Under this NOFO, ISN/ECC seeks proposals to advance U.S. foreign policy and national security priorities by supporting initiatives that make decision-making structures and processes in fragile, conflict, or crisis-affected contexts more reflective of and responsive to the needs and perspectives of partner states to ensure strategic trade control systems meet international standards and by engaging on bilateral, regional and multilateral levels with foreign governments to aid in the establishment of independent capabilities to regulate transfers of weapons of mass destruction, WMD-related items, conventional arms, and related dual-use items, and to detect, interdict, investigate, and prosecute illicit transfers of such items.

International Security-Nonproliferation Goals:

Advance U.S. Strategic Interests and Protect Against Threats from the PRC and Russia
Counter the PRC’s Military-Civil Fusion Strategy
Promote Global and Regional Stability to Advance U.S. Interests and Those of U.S. Allies and Partners
Promote Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility in Bureau Operations and Programs
Funding Information

Award Ceiling: $296,296
Award Floor: $296,296
Eligible Countries

Participant countries should be selected from the following list: Angola, Cameroon, Ghana, Guinea, Mauritania, Mozambique, Nigeria, Senegal, and Tanzania.
Eligibility Criteria

Domestic Non-federal entities (including state, local government, Indian tribe, institutions of higher education (IHE), or nonprofit organization), Foreign Non-Profit Organizations, Domestic & Foreign For-Profit Organizations (must waive fee/profit), and Foreign Public Entities (including Foreign Public International Organizations).

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